Veils of Reality: How being blind to how we see makes our problems cyclical

An alternate story of human nature, human history, and human possibility

Early Writings

Reflection Points

Where our Thinking Stops

The State of The World



The Truths We Live: It Is Known

The Truths We Live: Reality

Process: Intangibles

Process: Layers

The Truths We Live: The Abstract Ego

Stories: November/July Not the End I Imagined

The Truths We Live: Who We Are

Stories: Magic

The Truths We Live: Doing = Being

Expressions in the World: For Some Number of Generations After

The Truths We Live: Facts Are Enough

Technology of Perspective: Introduction

Technology of Perspective: What Truths Do

The Truths We Live: Social Meanings and Self-Progress

The World Beyond: Autonomy from Thought

Process: Expectations

Expressions in the World: Race and Racism

The Truths We Live: The Market

The World Beyond: Meaning that is Rooted

Process: Openness and Opportunities

Expressions in the World: Social Meanings, Social Movements, and Identity


Donate Via PayPal to help this project develop.  Looking for an artist and editor to collaborate with.  Feedback appreciated.  Would love to turn this into a physical book.  A white screen on the internet is not the best context for this kind of material.  Thanks for reading!


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