Veils of Reality: How being blind to how we see makes our problems cyclical

An alternate story of human nature, human history, and human possibility


Of the many ways in which we can be educated, the most influential, in terms of the birth of this project, were quite rare.

Part of the strength of this project comes as a result of being out of sync with society over a long period of time.

Not bound as tightly by the relationships, expectations and common sense of everyone and everything which this has been influenced by, this takes the long way through the woods, and intersects with society at an angle.

One of the chief purposes of this is to talk about things that are not seen, or are not salient, from the path.  Things we do, unconsciously, that result in outcomes out of line with our professed values.  The invisible role of how we have been conditioned to think, in determining right and wrong, in manifesting conflict.

If fire is the metaphor for how humanity is expressing itself in the world now, this is water and rock.

Something slow, that breaks the surface but goes much deeper.  That flows obliquely around everything, touching it in different ways at different moments, shaping, over time a picture you can’t see at the speed of society.

There is a different sense of progress that this looks out over, one that is long-term and encompassing.

It is not professional, it is not academic, it’s just perspective.

One of the major limitations of this project is that there is a limit to how much we can process at a time and subconsciously we filter, we choose facts, and interpretations based on what makes us right, which is a way of implying our value.  We don’t usually read something to understand it unless we think it will prove that we are right, and we find a million ways not to see what the intended message is.

All of the Veils, ways of describing processes, which overlap and help constitute our sense of reality, simultaneously, can only be written about linearly.  This is an attempt to build a bridge of words to what it looks like with a different foundation, one that may not be possible for words to translate.  The Veils are all the things that are in the way of understanding how they are in the way, in the way of why we want peace but make war.  It takes effort and courage to step outside of your initial frame, even for a moment.  So if you really tried to understand this mutation in how we think about the world, thank you.

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