Veils of Reality: How being blind to how we see makes our problems cyclical

An alternate story of human nature, human history, and human possibility


Artists:  In particular looking for help from artists or anyone who might be able to visually represent any or all of the innumerable journeys of perspective on this site, or design the look of the Final phase multimedia tool

Researchers:  Much of this project has been influenced by research, things that have left an impressions but the details of which are lost in time.  In trying to articulate the big picture, the relationships, direct examples are avoided in part on the basis of one of the issues this project talks about.  To reduce, essentially, political resistance based on any charged terms, the concepts are presented naked.  However, in many cases, and for many people, a link to supporting studies, articles, stories even might be useful.  For these reasons, if any sleuthy individuals out there see something on the site and are aware of or interested in related research pass it along and perhaps at some point that function can become a fixture of the project.

Website Designers:  The formatting, the layout, the stark white screen, the empty left margin.  This site is appalling!  I don’t have the time to learn how to build a proper webpage.  Would be interested in collaborating with a web designer to make the site more intuitive, organized and beautiful, particularly in the direction of the vision expressed in Project Phases.

Otherwise donating or just sharing the project with others, particularly connections in the non-profit world who I believe are limited in their reach by a lot of the dynamics which are discussed in the Veils of Reality section.



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