VI. Expressions in The World: For Some Number of Generations After

Adjusting from the consequences of illusion

For some number of generations after people take the first step of ceasing to define themselves as different types, what people of this time would call “political correctness” but which, to be precise, is ceasing to operate on an inaccurate system of cause and effect and being, people will still make associations between characteristics that don’t necessarily go together, in people.

This is because, after hundreds of years of believing that I am this, and you are that, the caricatures people saw each other through resulted in divergent cultures that evolved unique ways of distinguishing themselves from each other, styles, dialects, codes that reflected an experience but also at times a conscious attempt to create meaning through distance.

How we act is not wrong because it comes from history. Our conflict comes from the belief that “our” ways are better. Supposing this was true, that one way was better, defining human possibilities for how things are done as “theirs” or “ours” is a limitation imposed by the ego that prevents us from ever really finding out–what might work for us, and how.

What we like, how we talk has roots in our experience, it is just by chance, and not by nature that these tendencies emerge.

To take pride in cultural differences is like taking pride in being born.

Normative responses (“What the hell are they doing?”) emerge from the disorienting experience of something you took for granted–the way things are–being shown, by Reality, to be local.

Our history of leaning so heavily on the innateness of behavior, has deepened cultural divides that are otherwise the natural consequence of living in different places.  Some individuals, regardless of their circumstances, seem to become carbon copies of their ancestors, but if we assume that this is the case for all of us, how much are we likely to try, to change.

It will take time, after society has consciously embraced a truth of our much more expansive possibilities, for people to begin to explore, to drift from what they think they have to be, to anything they can be.

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