Title: Veils of Reality

Descriptive Subtitle: The alternate story of human nature and human possibility that comes from seeing how we see

About: This book is exploring the difficulties we have in working together toward the resolution of human conflicts and trends in suffering. The focus is on unconscious mental processes, as this is the place we never look when we act and get the wrong result. This is the direction we might look, to really learn from history, to really know human nature. The idea is that the conditions of the mind can be changed.

The Author: Of the many ways in which we can be educated, the most influential, in terms of the birth of this project, were quite rare.  Part of the strength of this project comes as a result of being out of sync with society over a long period of time.  Not bound as tightly by the relationships, expectations and common sense of everyone and everything which this has been influenced by, this book, like the author, takes the long way through the woods, and intersects with society at an angle.  This book is the author looking back over where he started, from somewhere else.

Audience: This book is for anyone looking to redeem their idea of humanity, anyone running in place toward a solution to society’s ills.  Anyone who is willing, toward these ends, to reflect on and challenge their own process.

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List of Chapters: 

I. Introduction: Where our Thinking Stops The premise of this project and briefly its origins

II. The State of The World The state of the world as a reflection of a prevailing state of mind

III. Truth Truth as a pattern, beyond absolutes

IV. Process Process sections deal with the relationship between context and what we are capable of perceiving

V. The Truths We Live: It Is Known Where knowing becomes a barrier

V. The Truths We Live: Reality The slice of the universe we are able to see and our attachment to its present dimensions

IV. Process: Intangibles The value of remaining open to the unknown

IV. Process: Layers The different places within ourselves and the conditions through which we find them

V. The Truths We Live: The Abstract Ego The false sense of self that divides humanity to dysfunction

VIII. Stories: Not the End I Imagined Where this came from, and holding it in the balance

V. The Truths We Live: Who We Are The sense of innateness we create

VIII. Stories: Magic Reflections from the Highlands

V. The Truths We Live: Doing = Being The leap from an action to a difference of being

VI. Expressions in the World: For Some Number of Generations After Adjusting from the consequences of illusion

V. The Truths We Live: Facts Are Enough How more facts wont help us achieve clarity or consensus in a context where what is right is decided by identity

IX. Technology of Perspective: Introduction The relationship between culture technology and evolution

IX. Technology of Perspective: What Truths Do Understanding our truths for how they lead us to live

V. The Truths We Live: Social Meanings and Self-Progress How our particular form of individualism is reinforced in a way that turns us against our own values and interests

VII. The World Beyond: Autonomy from Thought Meditation freedom and cooperation

IV. Process: Expectations The Outcome

VI. Expressions in the World: Race and Racism How racism is not a personal or human flaw, but a consequence of the idea of race

V. The Truths We Live: The Market How our version of enterprise creates conditions that limit choices and shape a false picture of human nature

VII. The World Beyond: Meaning that is Rooted How resolving conflict requires a more clear and consistent pathway to meaning

IV. Process: Openness and Opportunities The process of transition between truths

VI. Expressions in the World: Social Meanings, Social Movements and Identity How the motives of identity-based change are concealed

Adding sections, and revising daily as possible (most recent update September 27, 2017)

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