III. Truth

Truth as a pattern, beyond absolutes

We tend to think of truth as something exclusive, and we apply its stamp to our strategies. But truth can also be thought of like a pattern, something like a shape that, when repeated, creates itself on grander and grander scales.

Our reality is built out of the truths we, and others, carry out; like frequencies, each truth echoes off of the world in a specific way, creating the structure of harmony and dissonance into which our lives breathe. Like a vase, with the semblance of form it gives to water, the world today is just such a semblance, the persistent echo of certain truths that give the appearance of walls, facts, of different and opposing things, when it is all just water and the filters we pour it through.

We look through our truths for the world, but seldom, as if in a vacuum of choices, for how our truths lead us to live in it.

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