There are many ways to try and introduce The Endless Mirror because it is about many things, many relationships. The following is a perspective on the relationship between Stories, Magic, and Wholeness.

Through stories, we become witnesses to experiences. We can remember the sights, sounds, smells, and learn the lessons of a well-crafted scene as if it were our own.

And in this way, stories, even fictional ones, can be more than the escape of dreaming into them.

Like trains and planes, stories are mechanisms of travel, words like footsteps, one after the other, guiding us across the imagination’s horizons.

Stories with magic are about the consequences of power, because magic, like technology, is a shortcut to realizing our dreams.

And so, every person’s life is a story of the consequences of this power, of magic and how we use it, and become used by it.

What would you wish for if it could be anything?

The ability to instantly bring life to our deepest desires would be irresistibly attractive. But what would be the consequences of your wish?

The most obvious would be regret; that you did not anticipate how your wish would unfold, and, in hindsight, you might realize a better use of the opportunity.

Advances in technology have brought the metaphor of magic into the realm of living possibility. Increasingly we have erased the barrier between reality and dreams.

How this plays out in real life depends on the clarity of each human wish. The things we chase, possessions, relationships, status, money, power, are all cultural symbols, metaphors that represent happiness, all of which can inevitably be taken for granted and leave a person still hungry for more.

What happens when the happiness resulting from our wishes—whether magically or technologically empowered—fades, and we are left only with the consequences? Frustration. We would then need more technology, more magic to find the next threshold of happiness, to deal with the consequences of ambitions, which often change the world with only a singular, selfish objective in mind.

The experiences we try to cover over, escape and replace, are a mirror for our relationship to reality. When that relationship makes an enemy of everything that takes us away from our idealized experience, people fall into a pattern that rejects not only death but anything, anyone, that makes them uncomfortable.

How often, in the reflection of our experiences, do we see the rejection of the present as the deeper source of our discomfort? People reach into the past, project the future, unleash their powers, always to escape how they feel and think at this moment.

This book is about the turning point in the greater human story, where we see, through our struggles, not reflexively things that shouldn’t have happened, but the consequences of not knowing how to experience our inner reality. It is the pattern of rejection that makes us suffer, that prevents people from finding alignment within the whole that they are a part of.

No amount of progress will ever overturn this relationship. You cannot create permanent comfort without extinguishing the heat and color, and creativity of the human spirit, which is nurtured and grows from the palette of life in its entirety.

How would you design your life if your patterns could be rewritten? If your future was to be decided in this moment?

We invite you to take a good long look into The Endless Mirror.