Yesterday evening I stared into the sky,
waiting for the words to fall,
for sentences the size of the human story
to unfold
in the space I spend these days watching

like a wanderer searching for a home
at the end of all roads
in this place that was never good enough
in these moments we fill with dreams,
like balloons we hope will carry us away

from here

I look into the sky for answers because its always changing
and I guess I’ve been trying to change my mind
trying to find the sky inside,
that contains everything, but holds nothing,
that watches without knowing,
that is at rest,
beyond the rain and the thunder

I look into the sky, and clouds, like the thoughts of God, pass without destination,
memories of cycles,
of everything that has happened,
drifting, effortlessly lifting, the land to life

and I guess its not the sky that changes but the stories unfolding inside it

all my life I think I’ve been waiting for myself,
looking into mirrors,
trying to change the shape of things that are already changing,
never noticing the space
in which all change is possible

I listen to the sky
so that my words will become rain,
because humanity is still waiting
for the perfect planet, the perfect technology, the perfect partner
waiting on the horizon of itself in a desert that was once a garden

I look in you
for the sky
to see you see me see you see
beyond the clouds
the ideas, the feelings, the stories passing through us,
that are just
of the universe breathing,

Maybe we lose ourselves in the skies because of these places inside us that are still traveling,
the cosmic wreckage of awareness being born,
humanity holding onto the debris,
like searching for who we are

I look up because I know one day we’ll be flying
because heaven is too high for any walls
because I don’t need to change my mind if its not mine
I wait and watch the thoughts pass until only god’s are left,
until I can see you clearly

every time I look up I look in
at the garden Time is still tending

at all that blooms in the rain