Hi C_ ,

I hope you had a nice night at ____.  I’m realizing that I have a lot of trouble talking to people, in the way I would like, at busy events with a lot in the background.

I know extended Facebook messenger conversations with strangers are not everyone’s cup of tea, so don’t feel any pressure as I elaborate on “the quest”, in my version of it.  I just wanted to put this out there in case it became relevant at some point for you or someone in your community.

My approach to changing the world is directed toward people’s minds; the roots of our conflicts, in a layer of our thinking that seems innate.

The thing about what I am trying to do (a book for now) is that it goes against how people think, as it must, but it also directly competes with the inclination toward what is comfortable or entertaining and how much easier it is these days to perpetually swipe and scroll away from the challenges of the times, or the moment.

I write on the road and I’ve received, through conversations, a lot of reinforcement for what I am doing, but even people who seem genuinely interested, who say things like “.. so I’ll be able to say I met you before..” almost never end up actually reading what is written of the project so far.

There is a lot of cleaning up to do still, but how I know it is not personal, that the package is still left outside the door, is that in the six months of the last year I’ve been travelling, I’ve noticed that people in general read a lot less than they used to.

So I remain rather obscure for reasons maybe beyond what I’m putting into words and how.

I just wanted to share this with you because I know, from your way of presenting what you see of the balance of what is tragic and beautiful, that you care as much as I do about how things unfold for humanity from here.

This book is another way to tip that balance which, because it is difficult, it is unknown, and because it is counterintuitive, and parts of it superficially resemble things we already know, it hasn’t really been tried.

Its a configuration of perspective that would offer humanity a sort of reset, by providing a different sense of how we got here, by shifting our analyses from types of people, to types of mindsets.

I realize there is a kind of elasticity to how we think, and we are moved much more profoundly and irrevocably by things we can feel.  But the ideas that for whatever reason become “true”, become the gates that sometimes stop us short of feeling, and our culture is not adequately self-reflective to see that the roots of our conflicts are not in the world but in the ideas we confuse with reality. After years of observing the rationales on which people based their distance, disagreements, violence, I’ve become convinced that it will require something like the process this book represents to change our cycles.

And it will require, initially at least, people who are able to extend themselves outside of the usual patterns of how we spend our time and on what, and beyond the usual criteria for what is credible and what is valuable.  I don’t think that these are innate or exclusive qualities.  I can’t ask anything of you, I appreciate already if you’ve read this far.  I wrote to you because I know you have, at least, the passion.

I’ve written most of the sections and now I’m preoccupied with cleaning up and harmonizing the way its presented.  I’m leaving the package outside of as many doors as I think might one day open.  Maybe what is written so far is still, for a potential reader, only a giant hint at the meaning I am trying to convey.

Maybe this will just be a stepping stone to something I will never see, but how it all unfolded for me, the meaning I have spent years building a bridge toward, has taught me to trust the process, the intention that has progressively led me closer.

I live on the edge of the unknown.  This is where I plant my seeds.

For someone to realize the authenticity and resonance you have is, in this age of profiles, a clue, I think, to the size of the mystery our society is only on the shore of.

Obviously no book is necessary to find–underneath all our conditioning–ourselves.  I’m writing because the road is obstructed by things we internalize and confuse with who we are, and people who have what I recognized in you seem rare.  This cannot recreate the journey that results in what we perceive as special people.  It is just a different kind of light that flooded in from outside of doors that are usually closed.

To possibilities and roads unknown,

Safe journeys,



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